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Encrypted USB drive on Linux with Cryptsetup

If there is something I love about USB drives is their usefulness: you can take your favourite applications with you or even install Linux on it, but the main use is clearly moving files around, maybe documents containing sensitive information. What about if you lose it? If you’re a Linux user, Cryptsetup could just suit

Programming ESP8266 with the Open SDK – Intro

Bought a ESP8266 just to use it paired with Arduino? Too bad! For less than 5 euros, it packs a 32 bit general purpose CPU and everything you need for WiFi connectivity (TCP/IP stack, WEP, WPA etc.) and 16 GPIO. It is generally accompained by a flash memory which contains the firmware. It is really

Building an hybrid Debian Live ISO with xorriso

Lets build a Debian Jessie live ISO that will include any useful tools, like chntpw for changing/deleting forgotten Windows passwords, Foremost/TestDisk/Recoverdm for recovering lost data or corrupted partitions. Some sort of swiss knife, if you’re into these sort of things. My host system is Debian Jessie, meaning some commands won’t work on previous versions like